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SOE: Because someone has to make Blizzard look good

I’m not one to kick someone when they are down… but this is pretty hilarious. Let me rephrase what SOE was trying to say: Dear not-really-valued money-source, Due to our technical incompetence, we kinda gave the internet your personal info, … Continue reading

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I have a great pre-order offer for you!

Tell me if you’ve heard this before: Subscription MMO hypes pre-orders with exclusive content, early access, special bonuses, rainbow sherbet, etc. Beta is still under NDA and although all of the hype and writing still talks about 100s of features, … Continue reading

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F2P model in the US: Putting nails in its own coffin

Back in the early days of the “F2P revolution”, the biggest challenge for the average MMO gamer was trying so sift through the hundreds of terribad titles to find the one or two semi-decent (for a ‘free’ game) titles to … Continue reading

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2009 predictions: BINGO! (not exactly)

Can you believe I had trouble finding my 2009 predictions post. I know, how hard is it to find a post titled “2009 Predictions” on my own blog, but um, it took a lot longer than I care to admit. … Continue reading

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F2P MMOs: The land of ‘just good enough’.

One of the common complaints against the subscription model is that if you only play that MMO sparingly (whatever that may be for you), you are not really getting your moneys worth compared to those who play more. The perceived … Continue reading

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Gamer Bob says: MMOs suck.

People often credit WoW’s success because, in part, it’s a little bit of everything for everyone (in theory at least), and while that’s a great way to get into the genre, if you really want to focus on any one … Continue reading

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Another amazing FreeRealms record!

“First” concert record for Free Realms. The string of amazing press releases continues, which is at least a good source of entertainment thanks to Free Realms. And just like DarkFall is the place for all those basement-dwelling sociopaths, at least … Continue reading

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