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MMO housing IS gameplay

And yes, I’ve heard the Ultima Online house analogy. But until I can plant a flower box outside my POS, I don’t buy it. EVE ain’t Minecraft. Going to pick on Jester a bit in this post. I say pick … Continue reading

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Darkfall:UW – Best Case

With Darkfall set to release in two weeks, I want to write down my expectations for the game. Today will be a best-case post, while tomorrow I’ll do worst-case. If nothing else, it will be interesting to revisit these post-release … Continue reading

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Rift: Storm Legion – Who put this sand in here?

James, a community manager from Trion recently reached out to me and asked if I’d be interesting in taking Rift’s upcoming expansion Storm Legion for a guided tour. While I’m not currently playing Rift, and my reasons why are well … Continue reading

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EVE: A POS to call my home

Another Jester-lead post for today (GW2 thoughts are brewing, but I can’t quite place my finger on them just yet. Something-something themepark though), this time about the next EVE expansion, and expansions/patches in general. Jester is worried that much like … Continue reading

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You should return those glasses to their rightful owner

Syp over at Biobreak has a post talking about the pre-2003 MMO market and todays, and how you can’t pay him enough to go back to that time. First I find this odd, as looking at his About page, I’m … Continue reading

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Darkfall: The siege revamp is finally here!

Holy crap a Darkfall patch! And with its own manual too. At the very least, forumfall entertainment should increase for a bit. Hopefully now AV can put the finish touches on DF2.0, wipe, and get everyone back in the game. … Continue reading

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Darkfall: The only option

To continue the blog merger, I’ll pick up where I left off on the reset topic and how it applies to Darkfall. It’s true that a character reset would cut millions of players from WoW, or thousands off games like … Continue reading

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Wipe or Expansion: What’s the difference?

Jef Reahard over at Massivily asks if you would keep playing if your MMO had a character/server wipe (side point: if a character wipe is a ‘full’ wipe in your MMO of choice, what does that say about its world?) … Continue reading

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PvE Sandbox MMO: Housing

If combat and the economy are the two most important areas for a sandbox MMO, player housing is the most neglected. It says a lot about the genre as a whole when the very first MMO, Ultima Online, had and … Continue reading

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PvE Sandbox MMO: Economy and crafting

After combat, I believe the economy is the most important aspect to a quality sandbox title, and not just for those hoping to play a merchant. The ideal system would impact everyone playing on a regular basis rather than being … Continue reading

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