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WoW: The cows not coming in from pasture, sorry

Ah WoW expansion rumors, is there anything more fun than to watch people nerdrage over clearly faked leaks, both from those praying it happens and those in the “slap in the face” community? The idiot pool gets quite large when … Continue reading

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The story of going red in DarkFall

Last night, after a little bit of crafting, I grabbed by PvE bag from the bank and headed towards my favorite dungeon in DarkFall. Not only are the mobs inside soloable and drop decent loot, but I’ve never seen anyone … Continue reading

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DarkFall? More like GRINDfall!1!!one

No, this post is not about the skill grind in DarkFall (that was yesterday), but rather the final step in the Wisdom title quest chain. I had previously mentioned how I screwed up step two, thinking I just had to … Continue reading

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Repeating the same mistake: Why EVE’s skill system is the way to go

If you have a skill based (as opposed to XP/level based) character development system, is there any reason NOT to use EVE’s real-time progression? How many of DarkFall’s “it’s a huge grind” problems would be resolved if you gained skills … Continue reading

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iPhone gaming: Paper Toss, Field Runners, and Defender Chronicles

For a while now I’ve been meaning to talk about some of the iPhone games I’ve been playing, as it’s somewhat amazing how much gaming you can get for such a low cost (at least for the games themselves, the … Continue reading

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Warhammer Online 1.3.1 patch: Will it fix Tier 4?

As frequent readers here know, I’ve been playing Warhammer Online casually for the last few months now, alongside DarkFall and Blood Bowl. While I originally pegged WAR as my ‘full time’ MMO at release, the games issues with population and … Continue reading

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Warhammer Online vs DarkFall: Combat

Expanding a bit on yesterdays post about combat, I think it will be worthwhile to compare what I currently do in Warhammer Online versus what combat looks like when I play DarkFall. In a somewhat odd twist, most of my … Continue reading

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When the combat system in 1997 was better than what we have today, you know we have a problem.

Now that his resurrection is complete, Tobold has started a multi-part series of posts talking about why we play MMOs, with today’s topic being gameplay. In most MMOs today, gameplay generally means combat, and so the type of combat system … Continue reading

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DarkFall: Taking the carebear path for now

With a weekend where I had a healthy (or unhealthy, depending on who you ask) amount of gaming time behind me, DarkFall was the title that received the most time, while both Blood Bowl and Warhammer Online got their share … Continue reading

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