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Why a sandbox makes life more difficult for a griefer

If you only know one thing about DarkFall, you likely know that a LOT of people just outright hate the game, or more accurately, the supposed playerbase behind the game. If you have been playing MMOs for any decent length … Continue reading

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DarkFall Community Publisher update

With the DarkFall Community Publisher initiative a week old, here are some initial thoughts: The link itself gets clicked quite often here, more so (on average) than any other link. Whether this is due to placement, the link being an … Continue reading

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Are you sure that’s really an expansion?

In the comments of a previous DarkFall-related post here, the question of whether the next update should be considered a patch or expansion was brought up. Now I’ve already written what pushed the update from patch to expansion for me … Continue reading

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Some random Dragon Age questions

My rogue is wearing a massive armor set, mainly because the chest has a +15% backstab bonus and other rogue-friendly stats. It looks badass as well (warden set) That seems odd, but even more odd is the fact that I … Continue reading

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DarkFall caravans = roaming mobs or economic tool?

So far so good on the DarkFall twitter front, with little updates on what certain teams are working on. I’ve said this before, and it comes up again here, but Aventurine loves toying with ForumFall, with the latest example being … Continue reading

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DarkFall expansion gets a release date, from Twitter

It’s a good thing Greeks don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, because it looks like the next DarkFall expansion is set for release late next week (with some caution that it might slip a few days, but that never happens in MMO land … Continue reading

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Speaking of getting paid…

I find it funny people are wondering who would pay $20 for a gold guide when people are freely spending $10 (or more if you gotta-catch-em-all) for a pet, one that will ultimately provide less entertainment per dollar than said … Continue reading

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