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Some random Dragon Age questions

My rogue is wearing a massive armor set, mainly because the chest has a +15% backstab bonus and other rogue-friendly stats. It looks badass as well (warden set) That seems odd, but even more odd is the fact that I … Continue reading

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DarkFall caravans = roaming mobs or economic tool?

So far so good on the DarkFall twitter front, with little updates on what certain teams are working on. I’ve said this before, and it comes up again here, but Aventurine loves toying with ForumFall, with the latest example being … Continue reading

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DarkFall expansion gets a release date, from Twitter

It’s a good thing Greeks don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, because it looks like the next DarkFall expansion is set for release late next week (with some caution that it might slip a few days, but that never happens in MMO land … Continue reading

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Speaking of getting paid…

I find it funny people are wondering who would pay $20 for a gold guide when people are freely spending $10 (or more if you gotta-catch-em-all) for a pet, one that will ultimately provide less entertainment per dollar than said … Continue reading

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I am, in fact, paid by Aventurine to promote DarkFall

It’s been joked around here that because I talk so highly of DarkFall, I must be paid by Aventurine or just Tasos directly. While that is sadly not the case (feel free to contact me though Tasos), today is the … Continue reading

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A question for Bhagpuss

This is going to be addressed directly to Bhagpuss, but really I think it covers quite a large group of players, so please chime in. @Bhagpuss: I saw on Tobold’s blog you said you played Dragon Age for 14 hours … Continue reading

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Hey look, a post about Dragon Age

I think I’m close to the end in Dragon Age. Not ‘one fight to go’ close, but reasonably close. I’m level 18 right now, and looking at the skill trees and such, I don’t think you are intended to level … Continue reading

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Enjoying the Dragon Age themepark, minus the sub fee.

Having read a fair amount of reviews and impressions of Dragon Age, I’m a bit confused by the complaint by some that it’s too linear, or not ‘sandbox’ enough. I view those statements the same way I view “Aion is … Continue reading

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Bambie is coming to DarkFall!

Another day, another Spotlight, more drool in the drool cup. I’m happy that the wildlife coming to DarkFall will be part-time scenery, part-time resource node for leather/meat. That’s exactly what they should be, and I think the addition will really … Continue reading

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8 hours, 30 hours, Dragon Age is still awesome

Still drooling over Dragon Age here, now being over 30 hours into it (thanks Xfire). The challenge has really held up, and even though I now have more options in terms of party members, gear, and abilities, many of the … Continue reading

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