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PLEX vs Cash Shops, plus the e-peen pony

To finish off a week of EVE-related posting, let’s talk about PLEX vs Cash Shops and how I believe they are two extremely different pieces of an MMO. As a side bonus this should also cover the e-peen pony that … Continue reading

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Sometimes others just say it better

This. edit: Fixed for grammar. IBB (In before Bonedead)

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Give me a reason to return

Continuing the recent string of WAR-related musings, I’d like to talk about developer focus today. As I see it, there are basically three groups of players for any MMO at all times: those who never played your game, those who … Continue reading

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Guild Wars to the rescue!

Thanks to this sale of the Guild Wars Trilogy on Amazon (Thanks Massively), that is going to be the title Aria and I play for now. We had a good time with the trial (though in a very limited fashion), … Continue reading

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Creeping death: A return to WoW or WAR?

At some point later this year I’m either going to return to Warhammer Online or World of Warcraft, mainly because I’d like to casually play an MMO with my fiancé again, and also to prevent any kind of burnout I … Continue reading

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Playing to not have fun

Hey look, someone finally tried an MMO near-everyone has been telling him to try. Of course, going into an MMO with the “I won’t be here long” mentality is like going into a restaurant right after you just ate a … Continue reading

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DarkFall character update

Best clan name I’ve seen in a while: Fat kids lag IRL (it’s funny because it’s true) My vitality title quest is finally done, whooo!. 200 Revenants was a haul, albeit a very profitable one. With the title bonus I’m … Continue reading

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