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Guild Wars to the rescue!

Thanks to this sale of the Guild Wars Trilogy on Amazon (Thanks Massively), that is going to be the title Aria and I play for now. We had a good time with the trial (though in a very limited fashion), … Continue reading

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Creeping death: A return to WoW or WAR?

At some point later this year I’m either going to return to Warhammer Online or World of Warcraft, mainly because I’d like to casually play an MMO with my fiancé again, and also to prevent any kind of burnout I … Continue reading

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Playing to not have fun

Hey look, someone finally tried an MMO near-everyone has been telling him to try. Of course, going into an MMO with the “I won’t be here long” mentality is like going into a restaurant right after you just ate a … Continue reading

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DarkFall character update

Best clan name I’ve seen in a while: Fat kids lag IRL (it’s funny because it’s true) My vitality title quest is finally done, whooo!. 200 Revenants was a haul, albeit a very profitable one. With the title bonus I’m … Continue reading

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The MMO hype-release cycle getting worse?

Is it just me, or is the hype-release cycle in the MMO world getting crazier and less professional as time goes on? It just seems like not only are projects being announced as soon as someone comes up with a … Continue reading

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Blogger recognizes other bloggers concerning developers recognizing bloggers

Ravious over at KTR put together a nice piece talking about developers recognizing bloggers, which is rather timely considering Mythic’s recent invite of four bloggers to their offices. Various bloggers were asked for opinion, myself included. Enjoy!

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PvP Hotspots

The term “PvP Hotspot” is used often when describing some of the additions Aventurine has made to DarkFall since the games launch, and all too often I’m seeing players misinterpret what the design intent is behind these additions, and just … Continue reading

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Civilization V: Here sooner than we thought?

Not that these things are always (ever?) accurate, but since this is one game I’d be willing to kill someone with a blunt object for, Steam saying Civ V is coming out September 1st caught my eye. Please god (that … Continue reading

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What any major publisher should fear

From The Motley Fool comes this article about Nintendo being wrong about Apple and the free games market on the iPhone/iPod/iPad, which very nicely fits into the somewhat recent blogging trend of discussing social games and their impact on the … Continue reading

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DarkFall: The shift to group PvE and it’s PvP impact

Now that I’ve had a little bit of time with the new patch in DarkFall, I can safely say the PvE changes are a definite step in the right direction for the game. It ultimately comes down to group PvE … Continue reading

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