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Seeing red

In a move that took a little longer than we initially planned, myself and two close friends left the VAMP alliance and joined Blood, following in the footsteps of three others who about a month ago made a similar move. … Continue reading

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Why all but 330k people should hate EVE

I’m starting to really hate EVE Online. I’m starting to hate it because it makes all other MMOs look like crude kids toys, like silly side activities you dabble in before getting back to the ‘real’ game. It makes events … Continue reading

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The “I have a dream” of DarkFall

Day to day representation? Not really. Idealized? Of course. But a great watch? Oh hell yes. Enjoy, and great job as always Valroth.

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Snicker indeed.

Our good friends at EuroGamer strike again. Read the comments over at Lum’s site for a link to the original review that was pulled down, along with some good points, like complaining about the lack of a level cap increase … Continue reading

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Sinking some ships in DarkFall

The repeat of a recent ship-themed event happened last night in DarkFall, and luckily I was able to get online and check it out. Overall I had a good time, although zerging people down and then smashing everything in our … Continue reading

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Send me free stuff, get praised.

As I mentioned before, I received a copy of the Guild Leader’s Handbook to read and review, but Ravious over at Kill Ten Rats beat me to posting about it and says more or less what I would have said. … Continue reading

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You say polish, I say rehash

The Blizzard model has generally been to take a successful product, apply a Games Workshop IP to it, and release basically the same game with a new coat of paint and a high level of polish, one that will run … Continue reading

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Switching campaigns

Over the weekend a decent amount of Guild Wars was played, both by Aria and I in the Prophesies settings and solo when I created a Dervish in the NightFall campaign. Our duo finally left the starter area, and overall … Continue reading

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EVE’s very own Ed Zitron encounter

Ah all day work training, how I love you. At least it’s Friday. And as the week ends, I can’t help but reflect on the EVE-related activities of this week. For one, the game came out ahead if for no … Continue reading

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Why raiders hate to see the word ‘accessible’

First I’d like to thank Ravious over at KTR for being an ass and posting a great review of The Guild Leaders Handbook. I’m also reading that book at the moment and more or less agree with what he has … Continue reading

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