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Dragons, scarabs, and how to get the most out of DF PvE

Two DarkFall PvE comments for today, the first about the Fire Dragon and the second about solo vs group farming. Blood, living out of Ghana, has easy access to the Ruby Fire Dragon and downs him often. So often in … Continue reading

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Bringing EVE’s Empire space to DarkFall

The phrase “Play to Crush” from ShadowBane has an ironic history behind it. Before SB’s release, it was a rallying cry for the PvP ‘hardcore’, a declaration that all of those ‘soft’ features from other MMOs need not apply here. … Continue reading

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Community differences and evolution in a PvP world

One major contrast I see between the player base in EVE and the one in DarkFall is permanence, alliance loyalty, and the ability to recover and continue the fight. As I was reading the 0.0 activity report in EON, I … Continue reading

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Seeing red

In a move that took a little longer than we initially planned, myself and two close friends left the VAMP alliance and joined Blood, following in the footsteps of three others who about a month ago made a similar move. … Continue reading

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Why all but 330k people should hate EVE

I’m starting to really hate EVE Online. I’m starting to hate it because it makes all other MMOs look like crude kids toys, like silly side activities you dabble in before getting back to the ‘real’ game. It makes events … Continue reading

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The “I have a dream” of DarkFall

Day to day representation? Not really. Idealized? Of course. But a great watch? Oh hell yes. Enjoy, and great job as always Valroth.

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Snicker indeed.

Our good friends at EuroGamer strike again. Read the comments over at Lum’s site for a link to the original review that was pulled down, along with some good points, like complaining about the lack of a level cap increase … Continue reading

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