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‘Accessibility’ killed Rift

Some very perceptive readers have picked up on the fact that Rift has somewhat fallen out of favor with me. It might have been my post about patch 1.2. I did drop a few hints there. Patch 1.2 brought the … Continue reading

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Oh how topical

Breaking news: CPP > others. I know, I’m shocked. Literally the first time this has happened, ever. Silly mega-niche hardcore PvP devs and their crazy ideas. Any bets how Bobby ‘borrows’ and screws this up? My bet is “pay to … Continue reading

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I’d like to pay $100 for M&B: Warband

M&B:Warband continues to dominate my time, and I’m beginning to feel a little bit like a thief. I mean, I picked the game up on a Steam sale for $10, and yet at well over 200+ hours played, I feel … Continue reading

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Options vs Momentum

Whenever P2P vs F2P models get debated, the F2P crowd likes to point to the fact that most people will only pay one monthly sub at a time, which greatly limits how many games one can play in a given … Continue reading

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Oh Bobby, you dumb gamer-hating puppet

Linking to this because it’s hilarious. Only thing better would have been for the EA rep to inform Bobby’s aid that the BF3 demo is for gamers only, and that he is not ‘elite’ enough to see it. Sell that … Continue reading

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Tarnished brilliance

I’ve written about this before, but for some strange reason (solar flare?) it’s on my mind again today, so here we go. I hate Atlantica Online. I mean I hate it in that “I love you, I hate you, oh … Continue reading

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Rift: How bad is the PvP?

Rift PvP is bad. I don’t know if it’s historically “all time” bad, but it’s at least close. It has, more or less, nothing going for it. The warfronts are meh, the balance is off, and the entire end-game aspect … Continue reading

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Rift: Today and tomorrow

The release of the 1.3 update trailer seems like a pretty good time to give everyone here an update on my status with Rift, and the plans going forward. The 1.2 update, quite simply, killed 5 man dungeons for Inquisition. … Continue reading

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M&B:W PoP army issue

I’ve been playing a good amount of Mount and Blade: Warband (PoP mod) lately, especially with the newest version of PoP having fixed my last crashing issue. The game is pretty damn epic with everything maxed out, battle size set … Continue reading

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Consensual murder

Is killing someone in a FFA PvP MMO a malicious act? Eliot Lefebvre’s Daily Grind post today asks if FFA PvP is a dealbreak in an MMO for people, and not surprisingly for most it is, but that one line … Continue reading

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