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Trion Being Trion: DDoS is the new ‘hacked’

Have you noticed anytime someone says something stupid on Twitter that gets them in trouble, the easy way out is to say your twitter got hacked? Saying you are experiencing a DDoS is the ‘I’ve been hacked’ of not keeping … Continue reading

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AA: Is ‘Trion being Trion’ going to be a daily thing?

Little behind the scenes blogging info here; sometimes you create a category thinking you are going to post about that topic enough to warrant one. Sometimes you create one as more of a joke, thinking this won’t last. ‘Trion being … Continue reading

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Patching, how does it work?

A few small items as we wait all day for Trion to apply a 150 mini-patch: Inquisition is off to a good start in AA in terms of membership. We are averaging just under 10 people online most nights, and … Continue reading

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AA: Today in Trion being Trion

If you have been keeping up with all of the issues AA is facing thanks to Trion (queues, bots and hackers going unpunished, spammers destroying public channels for hours at a time), my guess is you have also picked up … Continue reading

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AA: Surprisingly good questing

One bad ArcheAge post (because Trion) needs to be balanced with a positive one, so let’s talk about the great questing! The above line actually isn’t sarcasm. AA has surprisingly entertaining questing for an MMO. Now I’m not talking about … Continue reading

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AA: Trion is really doing a great job, example 1 billion

Take your time Trion, no rush. It’s not like the economy in a sandbox is important or anything.

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AA: Inquisition guild forum info

As ArcheAge has rather weak guild functionality in-game, guild forums will be more important than in most games for keeping us organized and letting people know what is going on. Our forums can be found here. Create an account and … Continue reading

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AA: Trade Routes bring life to the roads and waves

With ArcheAge being a sandbox, it’s somewhat difficult to talk about just one aspect of the game without the post spiraling into a dozen other supporting topics. If I focus too much on just the actual topic, I feel like … Continue reading

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AA: The true spiritual successor to UO

With the lead weight that is Trion and F2P covered yesterday, let’s start digging into WHY you should tolerate Trion and play ArcheAge anyway, because yea, you should be if you enjoy virtual worlds and smart MMO design. I always … Continue reading

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AA: More than 6 spots left

In other “groups run by SynCaine” news, I have officially started up a guild in ArcheAge. Inquisition is live on the Ollo server! You should join us, because despite Trion’s best efforts, the game is worth playing, especially in an … Continue reading

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