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Checking interest in a Life is Feudal guild

I’m struggling mighty on how to describe Life is Feudal (LiF) beyond “you grind skills by crafting and gathering, that’s kinda it”, because while that sentence is correct, it doesn’t explain why I’m enjoying LiF so much, and why it … Continue reading

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LiF: Telum server

Quick programming note here: There is a chance I’ll be creating a guild in LiF, assuming I continue to enjoy it (so far so good). If you would like to start grinding up your character in case that happens, I’m … Continue reading

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CoC: Clan Games are here!

The last Clash of Clans update added Clan Games, which are an interesting reward structure that stacks on top of everything else going on in the game. The result is that, when things line up right, a single attack can … Continue reading

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I’d play Classic WoW

I think I’m in for vanilla WoW if its done right. ‘Done right’ is of course the key, and with New Blizzard, I think its safe to say the odds are great they are going to screw it up by … Continue reading

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Great games getting better

I bunch of the games I love all recently got significant updates, so lets talk about them. Up first is Clash of Clans, where the Builder Base got town hall level 7 and all that comes with it. The two … Continue reading

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PUBG is to 2017 what WoW was to 2004

The parallels between the current explosive growth and influence of PUBG and WoW back in 2004 are many, though there are also some very interesting differences. Neither game was the first in its genre. WoW wasn’t the first MMO, and … Continue reading

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PUBG: 3rd vs 1st person

I have two groups I play PUBG with. One group is mainly the old Inq guys from way back in the Darkfall days (which has since grown to a rather large network of people between my blog and Paragus streaming … Continue reading

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