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Closing out 2013. 2014 predictions

2013 ends much like it began for the MMO genre, with a collective ‘meh’, and this blog overall has reflected that both in post volume and the number of posts about MMOs vs other games. My most played MMO this … Continue reading

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SC: Developer deja vu

The 2013 Chris Roberts cult worship reminds me of 2006 Richard Garriott cult worship. If you look at their Wikipedia pages, their careers look amazingly similar. RG has Ultima, CR has Wing Commander. RG has Tabula Rasa, CR has Wing … Continue reading

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MMO Future: Understanding old memories

Almost all of the original MMOs worked. UO, EQ1, AC1, DAoC; all of those games had solid populations and growth in their prime. In contrast, most of the recent MMOs (AoC, WAR, LotR, SW:TOR, Aion, Rift, etc) have not. Either … Continue reading

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EQN: The next big AAA disaster

In case you don’t want to sit through the EQNext showing, here are the cliff notes: “If someone should do it, it should be EverQuest. Again” (UO…) Lighting Lighting Lighting Lighting Adventure Lighting Lighting How do you like it? :mild … Continue reading

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The blogs reflect the genre

This post about blogging over at TAGN, along with the comments, is worth reading, even if you are only vaguely interested in the topic of MMO blogs. As the posts-per-day rate here has slowed over the last two months, it’s … Continue reading

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The good stuffs in the middle

Let’s talk a little about the history of the mid-game in the MMO genre. IMO the mid-game is the time after you have learned the basics of the game (tutorial or beginning phase), and before you stop progressing or have … Continue reading

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Losing your mid-game

Apologies for the lack of content around here lately, I’m emulating the MMO genre… I continue to play a bit of UO:F, and the server’s skill settings have once again confirmed something I’ve already had confirmed a million times before; … Continue reading

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