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Lessons from the past: MMO combat

Keen alerted me to a private version/server of Ultima Online, and due to extreme boredom I grabbed the client and messed around a bit. I have no intention of fully returning to UO, because to really get to the good … Continue reading

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Ultima Online dynamic content in alpha

Another fun read about the early days of UO. I could read one of these every day forever. Funny that UO in alpha had more dynamic content than the, um, ‘mass market’ MMOs of today. Strange lack of dynamic centaurs … Continue reading

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Splitting the genre in two

Let’s move past why GW2 sucks and onto a bigger topic; why so many recent MMOs suck, shall we? Chris thinks all MMOs are good for 3 months or less, and that’s just how things are today. Keen has a … Continue reading

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UO turns 15

Good read from Raph about the early days of UO, which recently turned 15 years old. Which is likely older than the average age of today’s WoW players. Which is scary in many ways.

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The MMO genre is a niche space, entry 25603

“TSW was not buggier than, say, GW2. Nor did it lack things to do.” – tithian “Personally I found TSW to be sub-par in both combat and graphics, and far inferior to GW2 in game flow. In the beta the … Continue reading

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EVE: A POS to call my home

Another Jester-lead post for today (GW2 thoughts are brewing, but I can’t quite place my finger on them just yet. Something-something themepark though), this time about the next EVE expansion, and expansions/patches in general. Jester is worried that much like … Continue reading

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GW2: Dead Centaurs

One of the nice things about being in the initial wave of WAR players was seeing all of the PQs played out more or less as intended. Only the newbie zone PQs were heavily zerged, and even then at least … Continue reading

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It’s not contagious, is it?

Grade-A trolling folks. Just next level blogging at its finest. If we could get more of this kind of content and less D&D, Tobold might be worth reading again. After reading Tobold, go re-read EA Louse. It was great the … Continue reading

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How many IPs can Paul Barnett bury?

When Paul ‘bears bears bears’ Barnett says the following: “We don’t put silly glass walls up, and we don’t keep poking you for cash; we just leave you alone,” we can safely assume Ultima Forever is going to come into your … Continue reading

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Day-one mastery

Keen has a nice post about why he is finding current-day MMOs lacking, especially in immersion. I think what Keen writes is something many (most?) MMO players feel, whether they actually know it or not. A major issue with MMOs … Continue reading

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