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PoTBS stress test, let me in!

Just a quick note today; Pirates has another stress test open, but currently it’s only available to Fileplanet subscribers, which does not include me. Hopefully that changes soon, as PoTBS is a game I would like to try, but it’s … Continue reading

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Challenge thoughts and a bit of a wrap-up.

I’m very pleased with the results of my little MMO design challenge below, with a lot of great responses. Thanks to everyone who posted, even the trolls, because we all know trolls need love too. First the major issues that … Continue reading

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Throwing down the gauntlet, the great MMO challenge!

I’ve noticed a strange trend while reading the various blogs I read daily. The basic of it is this: any time an author brings up a complaint or shortcoming in an MMO, in my mind EVE comes up as the … Continue reading

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A Rohk’in good time (ha, so lame)

Life in EVE has been good lately. The top highlight being I finally purchased a Rohk battleship, and it’s a beauty. Currently I have it fit with six 350mm turrets and two t2 150mm turrets. The 350mm work great vs … Continue reading

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Analyzing the magic formula.

Reading Keen and Graev, an interesting topic was brought up about MMO difficulty and how perhaps WoW has set a standard for ‘easy’ gameplay. It’s a good read, and raises some interesting points. While WoW certainly has set a standard … Continue reading

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Playing catch-up.

Having been under the weather for the week, I just recently got caught up on my daily blog reading, and it seems a missed a few news items, although none of them ‘official’ or really earth shattering. Seems we have … Continue reading

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Time to move on, sorry EQ2, but I just don’t get it.

I think my days in EQ2 are quickly coming to an end. As much as I wanted to force myself to get a character to at least level 30 in order to give it a ‘fair shot’, I don’t think … Continue reading

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Sick day

Flu is going around, and has gotten me today, so only a short post before I head back to bed. Dedication people, dedication! I got the full version of Puzzle Quest over the weekend, great game. Simple, easy to pick up and … Continue reading

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It’s Warhammer rant time, gather round kids!

Continuing with the Warhammer talk today, there has been some disturbing news of late. First off the big news is that the game is delayed until Q2 of 2008. While not exactly unexpected, it does raise some questions, and resurfaces … Continue reading

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New Warhammer podcast, plus EVE market fun.

I wanted to put up a quick link today to a fairly new Warhammer podcast, Warhamma. I’ve gone over show one and two, and so far it seems very solid. Give it a listen if you are interested in Warhammer. … Continue reading

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