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Civilization 4: Colonization review.

I purchased Colonization through a deal with the devil (direct2drive), lured by that all-too-easy ‘just click me and you can play’ thing that D2D has going for it. Bastards get me every time! At first I was really put off … Continue reading

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Stating the obvious, but this time it’s official.

Not to toot my own horn but…. Beep Beep. Self pat on the back asshattery aside, it’s a good interview and sheds some light on Mythic’s stance with WAR and it’s future. (for the lazy, the pat on the back … Continue reading

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One month of WAR, some thoughts.

With my free month up in Warhammer Online, it was time to make the decision to pay up or move on. Given how WAR sucks, and all the new awesome in WoW, that decision was easy. On to grind those … Continue reading

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2008 sure looks a lot like 2004 in MMO land.

If you were given a budget of $500 million, a proven veteran dev team, a stable and established engine, 4+ years, and the worlds largest feedback group; what kind of MMO could you make? Would your list of highlights include … Continue reading

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Mythic and Blizzard go at it. Round one review!

To borrow a quote: “Shit just got real” Seems it did not take long for the gloves to come off, and for Mythic and Blizzard to go at it. Lum has a good collection of the relevant quotes (like him, … Continue reading

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Dear EQ2 bloggers

STOP POSTING A MILLION SCREEN SHOTS OF YOUR DAMN HOUSE, NO ONE CARES! Thank you, -People on slow connections trying to read blogs

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Warhammer Online: State of the Game

Today was going to be a non-MMO post day and I was going to talk about Civ 4: Colonization, but then Mark from Mythic put out his State of the Game letter, and well yea, Colonization will have to wait … Continue reading

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