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2008 sure looks a lot like 2004 in MMO land.

If you were given a budget of $500 million, a proven veteran dev team, a stable and established engine, 4+ years, and the worlds largest feedback group; what kind of MMO could you make? Would your list of highlights include … Continue reading

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Mythic and Blizzard go at it. Round one review!

To borrow a quote: “Shit just got real” Seems it did not take long for the gloves to come off, and for Mythic and Blizzard to go at it. Lum has a good collection of the relevant quotes (like him, … Continue reading

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Dear EQ2 bloggers

STOP POSTING A MILLION SCREEN SHOTS OF YOUR DAMN HOUSE, NO ONE CARES! Thank you, -People on slow connections trying to read blogs

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Warhammer Online: State of the Game

Today was going to be a non-MMO post day and I was going to talk about Civ 4: Colonization, but then Mark from Mythic put out his State of the Game letter, and well yea, Colonization will have to wait … Continue reading

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Significantly insignificant interview with Blizzard has an interview with Paul Sams of Blizzard that’s worth checking out. Not for any factual reason, but because of the entertainment it provides. In true Blizzard fashion, Sams does his best to avoid any actual mention of an … Continue reading

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Phoenix Gate and RvR ogranization; good times.

Phoenix Gate (PG) is an interesting scenario in Warhammer Online. On the one hand, it’s very Warsong Gulch-like in that it’s basically a game of capture the flag, with the two flags being on opposite ends of the map. It’s … Continue reading

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My thoughts on BlizCon? Pay only $3 and find out below!

BlizCon has come and gone, leaving behind a whirlwind of… microtransactions? Yes, it would seem the company raking in the cash with WoW intends to go the way of the asian and charge you a few cents/dollars for useless crap, … Continue reading

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Slow down, learn to play nice, and actually enjoy the game.

As Warhammer Online continues to mature, players are learning the game and figuring out what they prefer to do in-game. The current ‘flavor of the month’ seems to be mass scenario spamming, with players queuing and re-queuing over and over … Continue reading

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More ‘same MMO, different players’ talk.

Continuing today’s theme of ‘are we even playing the same game?’, I want to talk about my recent experience in tier 1. Two old buddies from WoW recently started playing Warhammer Online, and to help them catch up, I rolled … Continue reading

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Same game, different players.

One of the more interesting aspects of playing an MMO, and then reading others accounts of playing that same game, is that two people can basically be playing two different games. Tobold hates playing his healer in RvR, and looks … Continue reading

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