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The cash shop forest

Riddle me this: If no one spends money in the cash shop, does the cash shop exist? Because  aren’t you then left with just a free MMO where once again time (and if possible, player skill) are the only factors? … Continue reading

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Oh yes, I love crack – I’m absolutely coo coo for crack

Stupid life set to be ruined in the Fall of 2010. Thanks again Sid, you damn crack-peddling bastard! Hex-based and a new engine, who do you think you are, a gaming god?!? Tip to Darren.

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Dear EuroGamer, this is how you do it.

In a shocking development, a game reviewer tries to pass off a half-assed review of a smaller title and slams it for lulz, only to have that niche community call him out on it. The true shocker here of course … Continue reading

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F2P games: nice for the price, or actual competition?

Something I’ve noticed for a while now, that’s really come to the foreground with the release of Allods, is how some people play both sides of the fence when talking about Free to Play MMOs. In one sentence they will … Continue reading

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DarkFall: Finally more beavers!

For a patch out of left field, this is a nice (if a bit cryptic: mob run speed, faster/slower?) list. And just when I had wrapped-up questing in the human lands, out comes this update. To the carebear mobile! What’s … Continue reading

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Allods Online: ‘Open beta’ day 1

Tell me if this sounds slightly familiar: overcrowding, spawn-stealing, loot lag, idiot chat, kill/collect 10 whatevers. Nope, it’s not 2004 and WoW, it’s 2010 and Allods Online. Amazing how far we have come after all these years! But it’s cool … Continue reading

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Just call me Aladdin

You may remember a while ago we (Inq) had a little adventure trying to find a spot to use (place) a villa deed. As one of my personal goals in DarkFall is to own a house and run a vendor, … Continue reading

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