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F2P games: nice for the price, or actual competition?

Something I’ve noticed for a while now, that’s really come to the foreground with the release of Allods, is how some people play both sides of the fence when talking about Free to Play MMOs. In one sentence they will … Continue reading

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DarkFall: Finally more beavers!

For a patch out of left field, this is a nice (if a bit cryptic: mob run speed, faster/slower?) list. And just when I had wrapped-up questing in the human lands, out comes this update. To the carebear mobile! What’s … Continue reading

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Allods Online: ‘Open beta’ day 1

Tell me if this sounds slightly familiar: overcrowding, spawn-stealing, loot lag, idiot chat, kill/collect 10 whatevers. Nope, it’s not 2004 and WoW, it’s 2010 and Allods Online. Amazing how far we have come after all these years! But it’s cool … Continue reading

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Just call me Aladdin

You may remember a while ago we (Inq) had a little adventure trying to find a spot to use (place) a villa deed. As one of my personal goals in DarkFall is to own a house and run a vendor, … Continue reading

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DF hopes, Blood Scrolls, Yourmom, and home ownership

This post over at Don’t Feat the Mutant really reminds me of this post I made a while back, especially when you read the comments over at DFtM. It’s not a bad thing at all, but its funny how we … Continue reading

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Friday Blog War: Full Scale Assault

Bathrooms suck. EVE sucks. Monkeys suck. Kids suck. No wait your cool. No you do suck. Groups of rats suck. Puzzles suck. Potshots (what?) suck. Game devs suck. Ideas suck. Your cool. Canada sucks. Emos suck. Love you. WAR sucks. … Continue reading

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Tobold’s name won’t be in this title, but Syp’s is!

While comically a few are taking recent event a little too seriously, at least some see the entertainment in it all. I wish Syp and Tipa well in their Friday Blog War, and will be accepting their royalty payments shortly. … Continue reading

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Yet another post with Tobold in the title

Try to follow along here, because this gets a little tricky. Tobold says he does not read my blog anymore, yet in that same paragraph he says: “So every time I make some blog post about some PvP game, like … Continue reading

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How awfully ‘keen’ of you Tobold

Whenever Tobold talks about EVE, it’s always entertaining, but sadly it’s the “Keen” kind of entertaining, if you know what I mean. And just a day after making a “WoW is too easy and not fun now” post (wish someone … Continue reading

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DarkFall video contest winners!

The DarkFall video contest is over, and the winners have been announced here. Congratulations to everyone who walked away with a prize, great stuff. I had a feeling the “Men at Work” video would win, as it’s not only an … Continue reading

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