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The more-of-the-same train just keeps on rolling

Watching this video of the upcoming MMO Wildstar told me all I needed to know about the game (pass), but I find it interesting that what I see as “yet another WoW-clone” others see it as, well, here is one … Continue reading

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Fantasy Football: Need a few players

We currently have 6 teams signed up for our 12 team league. Some quick math tells me I need 6 more people. Comment here (with a valid email) or shoot me an email if you are interested.

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LoL-cloning should be amusing

Attempting to clone LoL has been the FOTM in the gaming industry ever since Riot started seeing it’s amazing success. Luckily for most dev studios LoL is not an MMO, but the fact that it is a PvP game will … Continue reading

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Fantasy Football time again

The Hardcore Sunday Casual Funday fantasy football league is back! If you are interested let me know here and I’ll send you an invite. Please only join up if you can stay active the entire season.

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Third faction finally added to Warhammer Online!

The F2P knockoff game that is. If you are still playing WAR, how much does this kick in the nuts hurt? “Oh hi, we screwed WAR by making it two faction like WoW, but we made the knockoff a threeway. … Continue reading

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Final Fantasy Tactics on the iPhone

Square Enix has been releasing older Final Fantasy games for the iPhone for a while now. FF1 and FF2 were released for $8.99. FF3, which got a pretty heavy overhaul when it was released for the PSP (I believe), was … Continue reading

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Is Darkfall vaporware, again?

With most MMOs you have to deal with a lot of hype pre-release. Ideas looking amazing on paper, fans letting their imagination run wild on what could be, all of that. Is Darkfall the only MMO to ever repeat this … Continue reading

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-placeholder- Creative title for this blog’s four year anniversary

I’m like the WoW Magazine of yearly blog reviews; each one is out just a little later than the previous one. Four years. Now officially longer than any job I’ve had, longer than any relationship I’ve had other than to … Continue reading

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Trion’s RoN will be MMORTS 2.0!

Are you as excited for RoN not being pay-to-win as you are about Rift (1.2 and beyond) not being in Azeroth anymore? I know I am!

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The new MMO business model?

Not to bank on financial writers for solid reporting related to MMOs or anything, but this little blurb I found interesting for one reason: how important are initial sales for an MMO? Of course they are important, after all if … Continue reading

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