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2000 hours with EQ, 5 minutes with the kids.

2000 hours to hit the original level cap in EQ1 is not the reason EQ1 was ‘hard’ (not a great way to really look at this, but more on that later). A harsh death penalty wasn’t it either. Nor was … Continue reading

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Raid or Breed

Going to attempt to tie the previous two posts together, to hopefully reach some sort of conclusion. It might work… The Sims Social is just as good, or even better as The Sims in short play sessions. Empires & Allies … Continue reading

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21 and under club?

So wait, only teens want a challenge and have the time needed to put more than a Farmville-level of effort into a game? Wha? The average person does not get more time to game as they get older. As husbands and … Continue reading

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Twit generation is in my MMO

First, can we please stop qualifying Facebook games? “Not bad, for a Facebook game”. We don’t do it with TV (oh that show was terrible, but it was on a 3rd rate network so it was decent), we don’t do … Continue reading

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League of Legends: One season ends, another begins

Season one of League of Legends has ended, finally. I finished at 1524, high enough to get Gold status and earn the Victorious Jarvan skin. Too bad I don’t play Jarvan, but hey, free skin. Oh and my summoner icon … Continue reading

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Darkfall: The siege revamp is finally here!

Holy crap a Darkfall patch! And with its own manual too. At the very least, forumfall entertainment should increase for a bit. Hopefully now AV can put the finish touches on DF2.0, wipe, and get everyone back in the game. … Continue reading

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Diablo 3, AH, Accessibility

The ongoing debate about who will use the Diablo 3 auction house and why seems very odd to me. D3 won’t be an MMO, it certainly won’t be persistent, and the main activity for the game is bashing monsters/barrels to … Continue reading

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