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Twit generation is in my MMO

First, can we please stop qualifying Facebook games? “Not bad, for a Facebook game”. We don’t do it with TV (oh that show was terrible, but it was on a 3rd rate network so it was decent), we don’t do … Continue reading

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League of Legends: One season ends, another begins

Season one of League of Legends has ended, finally. I finished at 1524, high enough to get Gold status and earn the Victorious Jarvan skin. Too bad I don’t play Jarvan, but hey, free skin. Oh and my summoner icon … Continue reading

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Darkfall: The siege revamp is finally here!

Holy crap a Darkfall patch! And with its own manual too. At the very least, forumfall entertainment should increase for a bit. Hopefully now AV can put the finish touches on DF2.0, wipe, and get everyone back in the game. … Continue reading

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Diablo 3, AH, Accessibility

The ongoing debate about who will use the Diablo 3 auction house and why seems very odd to me. D3 won’t be an MMO, it certainly won’t be persistent, and the main activity for the game is bashing monsters/barrels to … Continue reading

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Darkfall: Time for it’s own Mittani-like situation

Long-time reads know I’ve been a fan of Darkfall since release, and to this day consider it one of the best FFA PvP MMOs out. It had a somewhat rough release, but in the first year Aventurine was quick to … Continue reading

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Cogs are greater than heroes: Games and choice

Choice in videogames has about as successful a history as games that will “make you cry”. 99.9% of the time the claim is BS, and that other .1% you had something in your eye. Point being when some marketing guy … Continue reading

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This is what happens when the MMO genre sucks and I have ‘nothing to play’

Random thoughts blog incoming. Played a little more Heroes 6 beta 2. Huge improvement from beta 1. All the little UI errors are gone, skills and spells make a lot more sense now, and the multiplayer is much better. I … Continue reading

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Rift: Happy half-birthday, welcome to Azeroth!

Prompted by Tobold (its Thursday blog noob, not Friday), let’s talk about Rift 6 months after release. Pre-release, Trion was hyping Rift with “You’re not in Azeroth anymore”. Yes, Rift was never pitched as more than yet another fantasy themepark, … Continue reading

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