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F2P model in the US: Putting nails in its own coffin

Back in the early days of the “F2P revolution”, the biggest challenge for the average MMO gamer was trying so sift through the hundreds of terribad titles to find the one or two semi-decent (for a ‘free’ game) titles to … Continue reading

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F2P MMOs: The land of ‘just good enough’.

One of the common complaints against the subscription model is that if you only play that MMO sparingly (whatever that may be for you), you are not really getting your moneys worth compared to those who play more. The perceived … Continue reading

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Subscription vs RMT: Who will save the poor noobs with no time to play?

It seems it’s been too long since everyone’s second favorite topic (hardcore vs casual being #1), RMT, has been discussed. Tobold has two posts about it and recently DDO went F2P. As readers here know, I’m not a huge fan … Continue reading

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Why I game.

This post is going to be a little self-analysis about why I play MMOs, how I play then, and what keeps me going. For readers who have been around for a bit, you can probably guess some of the stuff … Continue reading

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Users and profit in the MMO space.

Both Raph Koster and Tobold have posts up about a games user base and profitability. If this at all interests you, check both links out. The overall theme of the discussion is similar to my feelings about the iPhone app … Continue reading

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Why usually ‘kill ten rats’ sucks, and how AO nails it.

Lots of people hate kill ten rats. No I don’t mean the blog (it rocks), but that style of quest in an MMO, where some NPC with some minor issue sends you out to kill some number of enemies, only … Continue reading

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Town control in Atlantica Online, another winning system.

My guild in Atlantica Online (Hunters on Argos, if you play, recruitment is open) recently won the bid for a town, which has opened up some interesting game systems I’d like to talk about. As with my previous AO posts, … Continue reading

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Patch day in a F2P game, not all that fun.

Generally patch day for an MMO is a good thing. Usually patches bring fixes, changes, and new content. Patches are part of the justification for spending $15 or so a month for an MMO. So what happens when you patch … Continue reading

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A few more Atlantica Online design discussion points.

I want to follow up on my previous post about Atlantica Online and some of the good things it does, as there are indeed a few more systems I think are worth pointing out. I’m currently level 52 in AO, … Continue reading

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The details make the game, why Atlantica Online keeps the grind interesting.

One of the main reasons I keep playing Atlantica Online is that the game is constantly surprising me. I really was not expecting much from AO when I downloaded it, and I think those low expectations have actually allowed me … Continue reading

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