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Warhammer Online killed the MMO genre

Sensationalized blog title for all of the clicks! Except not really, because WAR really did kill the MMO genre, at least in terms of being a mainstream genre similar in popularity to say RPGs, Sports titles, or FPS. Now don’t … Continue reading

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2016 MMO predictions

2015 was, FFXIV aside, basically a waste in the MMO space in terms of what was delivered. A bit of ‘wake up’ progress was made regarding F2P MMOs, but for the most part nothing new of significance arrived, though some … Continue reading

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2015 predictions review

Prompted by Wilhelm again, lets look back at my 2015 predictions. DF:UW will shut down. The population is at an all-time low, AV is completely lost with the title, and Forumfall continues to stick daggers into the one game even … Continue reading

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Crowfall: Game design that has also grown up

Crowfall is the MMO I’ve pinned my future hopes on (and a decent chunk of change is backing that up), but since it is still fairly far away, and I know I can ‘catch up’ when I get access to … Continue reading

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Crowfall: The words on paper still sound good

Latest updated here, talking about the Eternal (personal) kingdom. I like everything presented, although I think the real make or break aspect of this is going to be how beneficial it is to join someones EK vs just building up … Continue reading

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Crowfall: Wallet-vote was strong

Not only has Crowfall (Fantasy EVE) funded, but its one of the most successful gaming Kickstarter campaigns in history. Again, who could have predicted Fantasy EVE was a thing people wanted… Glad it only took until the third month in … Continue reading

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Crowfall: The winners don’t need help

Building a bit off this post from Az (link coming later, site blocked due to work network) about winner and loser motivation in Crowfall today, but a quick note first: I think Az is missing or discounting the fact that … Continue reading

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Crowfall: The winners stand alone

If there is one thing I still regret about Darkfall, it’s AV not making the now-gone MVP forums public after they did away with the program; a lot of good ideas and discussions all gone because I don’t think AV … Continue reading

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Reserved for future laughs

Tobold being Tobold, and while this isn’t “CCP is going bankrupt this year” levels of deep thinking and expert analysis, still worth making note of for later. Going to put the full text after the break in case Tobold goes … Continue reading

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Crowfall: The MMO genre is a niche market

Don’t you wish someone :cough: could have said in the past that Fantasy EVE would be something a few people might be interested in? Bet that guy’s blog is an awesome read… Self-pats aside, the Crowfall Kickstarter is live, and … Continue reading

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