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Group work.

When I think of Dungeons and Dragons, one of the first things that come to mind is a group of players sitting around a table and adventuring together. From its very foundation D&D is designed to be a group activity. … Continue reading

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Vanguard, NWN and EQ2. Plus more FPS talk!

Some quick FoH forum reading about Vanguard reveals that a good amount of people are still not all that happy with the game, while Darren over at Common Sense Gamer reports that the latest VG patch has increased his performance … Continue reading

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Just work with me here, please…

If there is one thing I hate about playing games on a computer vs a console, it’s the constant graphic tweaking and fiddling. On a console, when you put a game in, that’s it. It’s already configured exactly how the … Continue reading

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Dear CCP, could we get some elves in EVE?

Over the weekend the same thought hit me again and again; CCP needs to make a fantasy version of EVE. I know I know, blasphemy, but hear me out. CCP has already proven they can create an open-ended world MMO … Continue reading

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More offline gaming goodness.

I had somewhat of a quiet weekend, dominated by watching sports. The good news is the Pats are 6-0 and by far the most dominant team in the NFL. The not so good news is the Sox lost on Saturday … Continue reading

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Mask of the Betrayer, and the joys of single player.

It’s funny how enjoyable a single player game can be when you have played MMOs almost exclusively for the last few years. On a whim, and because direct2drive type buying methods always get me, I downloaded Mask of the Betrayer … Continue reading

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Warhammer delay thoughts.

As many other sites/blogs have reported, the Warhammer Online beta has been suspended for two months, and instantly rumors sprang up as to why this happened. Some people took the now usual ‘doom and gloom’ perspective and assumed the game … Continue reading

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The Return of the King.

Over the weekend news broke that Bungie Studios is leaving Microsoft and once again becoming an independent studio. For those not too familiar with Bungie, they are responsible for some of the best videogames ever created, ranging from Marathon (FPS), … Continue reading

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No go on Pirates, EVE cherries.

I wish I could give some comments on Pirates this morning, but it seems the stress test filled up rather quickly Friday night. I’m still not sure what kind ‘stress test” you can have when you limit the amount of … Continue reading

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PotBS this weekend, along with some EVE time.

Pirates open beta/stress test is going down this weekend, looking forward to it. Not so much because I’ve been really looking forward to Pirates, but just to try it and see what all the hype is about. I honestly have … Continue reading

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