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Mythos beta, and more NWN2

Ah what a weekend. Redsox in the world series, Patriots 7-0 and blowing everyone out, BC ranked #2 in the country, the Celtics season about to start with the new big three, and the Bruins… well I think the Bruins … Continue reading

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Focus RvR combat.

Tobold made a post today about cross continent servers, and how they can impact a game. He brings up the point that if you have a multi-continent server, there will never be a downtime since it will be peak hours … Continue reading

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EVE is a sandbox with land mines, deal with it.

Stole the title from a forum poster, name escapes me now. Sums up EVE well though.

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Group work.

When I think of Dungeons and Dragons, one of the first things that come to mind is a group of players sitting around a table and adventuring together. From its very foundation D&D is designed to be a group activity. … Continue reading

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Vanguard, NWN and EQ2. Plus more FPS talk!

Some quick FoH forum reading about Vanguard reveals that a good amount of people are still not all that happy with the game, while Darren over at Common Sense Gamer reports that the latest VG patch has increased his performance … Continue reading

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Just work with me here, please…

If there is one thing I hate about playing games on a computer vs a console, it’s the constant graphic tweaking and fiddling. On a console, when you put a game in, that’s it. It’s already configured exactly how the … Continue reading

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Dear CCP, could we get some elves in EVE?

Over the weekend the same thought hit me again and again; CCP needs to make a fantasy version of EVE. I know I know, blasphemy, but hear me out. CCP has already proven they can create an open-ended world MMO … Continue reading

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