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Sandbox end-game: Why keep playing long-term?

Let’s talk PvP sandbox MMO end-game today. One of my outstanding questions from the whole Warhammer Online saga is in a perfect world, what was the end-game for that MMO? I mean we know it was to raid the other … Continue reading

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Re-confirmed: I’m kind of a big deal

Knowing how many ‘real people’ readers a blog has, much less how much influence a writer has on his readers, is almost impossible to tell. WordPress provides view/visitor statistics of course, but based on personal experience those numbers aren’t 100% … Continue reading

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EVE: CCP you are the worst, besides everyone else

Jester has, as always, a great post up about the reaction to the real life EVE monument CCP recently unveiled, which as his post shows, has largely been negative. EVE is famous for having lots of bitter vets, and as … Continue reading

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Pathfinder Online: What 1.9m gets you

The latest dev blog from Goblinworks, makers of the upcoming Pathfinder Online (currently holder of the very distinguished “Next sandbox MMO least likely to suck” award) talks money, specifically that they spent 1.9m in 2013. Numbers are fun, especially once … Continue reading

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MMO Future: Understanding old memories

Almost all of the original MMOs worked. UO, EQ1, AC1, DAoC; all of those games had solid populations and growth in their prime. In contrast, most of the recent MMOs (AoC, WAR, LotR, SW:TOR, Aion, Rift, etc) have not. Either … Continue reading

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All in

One point I didn’t see made when we were talking about Warhammer Online (notably I read about 3 blogs about it, so if I missed this someone post a link); I think it was the last MMO to launch where … Continue reading

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Someone should say something about WAR

As you might have heard, Warhammer Online is shutting down. TAGN has a post that links to many others; use that if you still need a background or more opinions. There is a lot that can be (and has been) … Continue reading

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EQN: Leading off with your best

When someone states their MMO is doing something different from everyone else, which of the following innovations would you rather see: WAR’s Public Quests, changing how you go about getting into a group to do group content. Or EQN’s “parkour”, … Continue reading

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The blogs reflect the genre

This post about blogging over at TAGN, along with the comments, is worth reading, even if you are only vaguely interested in the topic of MMO blogs. As the posts-per-day rate here has slowed over the last two months, it’s … Continue reading

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Going small

Edit: Camelot Unchained kickstarter is live today, which is relevant to today’s topic. I’ve not donated yet, but more on that in a different post. After the WAR bubble burst, one of the many complaints was a lack of population … Continue reading

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