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Quick item I found interesting from the CCP/CSM meeting notes: EVE New Player Experience according to CCP =  The first six months. SW:TOR entire player/pillar experience: One month. Both games use the same business model.

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I’m kind of a big deal

I often state that I’m kind of a big deal. I usually say it in jest, but for this post I’m being serious. I’m kind of a big deal. Some facts (since those are trending of late). At last count … Continue reading

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I was replying to Tobold’s post… I lost the will to live, deleted my comment and came here instead.

Who’s better than Bhagpuss, stepping up on this fine Friday? /hat-tip

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Fact not opinion

The only fact that exists about WoW right now related to its success and failure is that it went from a game that was rapidly growing to one that is rapidly shrinking. Every comment or theory behind the ‘why’ is … Continue reading

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300m buys you a thesaurus!

INNOVATION! (By means of a Paragus remark prior, but this truly merits its own editorial*) *CwutIdidthur?

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Seems a loaded failtrain has pulled into the station

A lot of great stuff floating around today. First is this comment from Rammstein, responding to Azuriel yesterday, related to his and Blizzard’s claim that Cata failed because it was too hard: Anything that Chilton says to the New York … Continue reading

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Getting back to the source

Jester has a post up about how Sovereignty works in EVE, and how the game might benefit from borrowing some ideas from Perpetuum in that area. A good read as always, and it brings up a larger point: competition amongst … Continue reading

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