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EVE: Didn’t want that faction ship anyway

I interrupt the fail-cascade reporting (they haven’t said/done anything embarrassing today, have they?) to talk about an MMO, PvP, and expectations. Last night was INQ-E’s second PvP roam night, and again we had a good turnout. We started off once … Continue reading

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Stop it already, let me blog about something else, PLEASE

I mean come on. Stop the trolling already. Take a break. It’s NOT EVEN FRIDAY! “We kept the team together” – Over/under layoffs get announced next month? “Rise of the ghouls took over a year to produce” – No shit. … Continue reading

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Medical License Revoked

People are lucky I’m too lazy to find my own “told you so” quotes about stuff. You know, stuff like “EA might shut down thanks to SW:TOR”. Because, um… EA might shut down thanks to SW:TOR. This is the best … Continue reading

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Rebuilding the genre on SW:TOR’s ashes

I get the feeling that people misunderstand me when I say that I hope SW:TOR is the death of the AAA themepark MMO. I’m not saying the genre would be better if people did not spend 300m to make an … Continue reading

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EVE: Down the rabbit hole we go

Last night I went into wormhole (WH) space for the first, and it was pretty impressive. The thing that hits you immediately is how different the space functions and feels. You don’t see people in local, you don’t see items … Continue reading

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You should return those glasses to their rightful owner

Syp over at Biobreak has a post talking about the pre-2003 MMO market and todays, and how you can’t pay him enough to go back to that time. First I find this odd, as looking at his About page, I’m … Continue reading

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EVE: Pirating and War-Decs

Last Thursday INQ-E had its first PvP night, and it went great. We put together a balanced fleet of BCs and tacklers, and went into some local low-sec systems to see if we could cause some destruction. We started things … Continue reading

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