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LoL is the most popular game in the world, still publishing F2P-quality stats

Today Riot confirmed the obvious, LoL is the most popular game in the world. What’s next, EAWare confirming that SW:TOR sucks? (wait what they already did that, nevermind) Some of the numbers are kinda lame in that cheesy F2P make-believe … Continue reading

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Ultima Online dynamic content in alpha

Another fun read about the early days of UO. I could read one of these every day forever. Funny that UO in alpha had more dynamic content than the, um, ‘mass market’ MMOs of today. Strange lack of dynamic centaurs … Continue reading

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The magic future should be here any minute now

The Massively comments section giveth once more: My favorite part of F2P is how most people perceive converting to that business model is a failure when the two MMO’s on that spear headed the movement, LOTRO and DDO, saw revenue … Continue reading

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What to read, more F:NW, and on not playing GW2

I recently finished reading Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson, which I very much enjoyed. Actually I’ve found that I like everything by Brandon to some degree, and sadly have now exhausted his works. In January the final Wheel of Time book … Continue reading

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Your role in the sandbox done right

Recently I finished my first playthrough of Fallout: New Vegas (yes, 2010 does say hello, thanks), and in addition to being an amazing game, it shows how to do a player-story in a sandbox amazingly well. Possibly better than any … Continue reading

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NFL Friday Blog War

Nothing at all to do with MMOs, other than that this epic trolling would fit right into ForumFall (coming Nov 20th as well!) If the link did not make you laugh you either don’t follow football, don’t have a soul, … Continue reading

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AV confirms DF1 players will recieve DF:UW for free

Aventurine today confirmed that anyone who had a Darkfall 1 account will receive Darkfall: Unholy Wars for free. Nice move on AV’s part, especially considering that those who played on the EU server had to rebuy DF to play on … Continue reading

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China is a scary place for MMO gaming

The China MMO market sounds terrifying. The whole video is almost an hour, but all of it just sounds awful. And not just because of the money issue, but because none of these games are actually designed to be fun … Continue reading

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Xfire is pretty much the gaming equivalent of blackface

How are people STILL confused by what Xfire represents? It’s not that hard, yet time and time again people get it so wrong it makes my head spin. So consider this the second blogging service post of the week. You’re … Continue reading

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The long list of mass market MMOs that everyone is playing

So if you did not pick up on the fact that yesterday’s post was a long-winded setup to tell you that EVE is the best MMO ever, you are either new here or not paying attention. Also if you are … Continue reading

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